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Wonders on the Wabash Volunteer Feedback

  1. Were you a new volunteer for the 2023 Wonders Program?*
  2. Did you receive enough information beforehand that you felt prepared for the day?*
  3. Do you feel an orientation night would help prepare new volunteers for their day on the water?*
  4. In your opinion, pleae rate the organization of the Wonders program.*
  5. In your opinion, please rate the water quality session?*
  6. In your opinion, please rate the Lafayette Renew session?*
  7. In your opinion, please rate the fish session. *
  8. While in the raft and you are armed with a cheat-sheet, would you feel comfortable teaching a few facts about the Wabash River?*
  9. How likely is it you will volunteer again?*
  10. How likely are you to recommend that a friend or colleague volunteers for WOW?*
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