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Attorney Access Form for ID Badge

  1. Type in first and last name
  2. The undersigned represents that he or she is an attorney in good standing to practice law before the Courts of the State of Indiana. The undersigned further acknowledges that the access card enabling the attorney to bypass security screening at the Courthouse is subject to the following terms and conditions:
    1. The County Sheriff is responsible for providing security at the Tippecanoe County Courthouse and has the discretion to revoke or deny an attorney’s ability to bypass security provided that such discretion is not exercised in a manner that is arbitrary, capricious, or unlawful.
  3. 2. An access card may be used only by the attorney to whom it was issued.
  4. 3. A separate ID badge will be issued with the access card and must be carried by the attorney while at the Courthouse.
  5. 4. The ability to bypass security does not permit an attorney to bring items into the Courthouse that would be prohibited if the attorney used the public entrance. Prohibited items include firearms and weapons that are used for or readily capable of causing death or serious bodily injury. The following are not prohibited:
  6. a. Pocket knives under 2.5 inches in length.
  7. b. Letter openers.
  8. c. Pocket-size multi-tools.
  9. d. Scissors.
  10. e. Nail files.
  11. f. Cigarette lighters.
  12. If an attorney has questions about whether an item is prohibited, the attorney should consult Courthouse security.
  13. 5. An access card may not be used to allow someone other than the attorney to bypass security. If an attorney has a special situation involving other individuals or items for which normal security procedures are unduly cumbersome, the attorney should contact the Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff may accommodate the request if it can be done without compromising security.
  14. 6. If an access card is lost or the attorney ceases to be an attorney in good standing, the attorney is required to notify Human Resources at once so that the card may be disabled.
  15. 7. Courthouse security staff may disable the access card may or ask the attorney to surrender the access card if a security officer determines that the holder has violated these provisions, that the holder presents a security risk, and/or that the holder is no longer an attorney in good standing. Such a decision may be appealed to the Sheriff within ten days of the card being surrendered or disabled.
  16. 8. The fee for issuance or renewal of the access card and ID badge is $40. The fee for replacement of a lost access card or ID badge is $10. The renewal term is four years.
  17. Photo must be shoulder height and above, nothing obstructing the view of the face such as hats, hoods, or sunglasses. Background should be neutral and photo must only contain the requesting attorney. No other person or objects may appear in the photo.
  18. Signature and Acceptance*
    By selecting the checkbox below I acknowledge and agree to the terms as stated above and allow this to act as my official signature for the agreement between myself and Tippecanoe County Commissioner's Office.
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