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ABC Wastewater Citizen Survey

  1. Indication of interest to participate in a common wastewater project

    The Steering Committee and the Health Department believe that the large majority of existing septic systems are not compliant with current regulations - most are likely discharging directly to iles or drains or ditches that go to local streams without treatment. There are a few that were recently installed and meet current regualtions. These can be exempted from a common sewer project. If you have reason to believe that your system is compliant, and wish to be exempted, please check #2. Otherwise, please choose to participate in the common system to be designed with fees of less that $40/mo and check #1.

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  4. Complete this form online by December 15th

    OR take a picture of the printed and completed form and email it to

    OR drop off the printed and completed from at the County Office building located at 20 N 3rd Street (at the front desk or in the overnight box)

    OR call 765-423-215 with your information

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    Information is available at the County website - sign up for notifications at

  6. You may also request copies of any information on file for your sewer system from the Health Department at 765-423-9221

  7. You may submit questions or concerns to the Steering Committee at: or by phone at 765-423-9215

  8. Commissioner Tracy Brown, John DeLong, Jeff Cooke, Sharon Hutchison, Brien Loynes, Kay & Bill Miller, Ken Mueller, Dale Nicholson, Dee Pattengale & Ron Tull.

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