I own a small business. How do I recycle or dispose of my hazardous waste?

Businesses must provide their own recycling and hazardous waste disposal services.  There are several businesses in our region that can provide those services for a fee.  There is a locally owned recycling center in Frankfort, IN that will take loads of clean cardboard for free.  Werner Brothers Recycling can be contacted at 765-654-5070.

Service ProviderService TypePhone NumberWebsite
Republic ServicesRecycling Pickup765-477-9138https://www.republicservices.com/businesses/recycling
Trash Kans LLCRecycling Pickup
Waste Management, IncRecycling Pickup765-477-7713https://www.wm.com/us/en/business/business-waste-recycling-pickup
Curie Environmental Services
Smoke Detector Disposal505-888-9392
Heritage Environmental
Hazardous Waste disposal877-436-8778
Hazardous Waste disposal317-834-8200
Safety Kleen
Hazardous Oils disposal317-888-0570
Lighting Resources
Hazardous Lighting and Battery disposal317-888-3889

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