Does my juvenile record get erased once I turn 18?

No. It is a myth that once you turn 18 your juvenile record gets erased. Although juvenile records are not accessible by the public, they still exist and can be accessed under certain circumstances. Recent changes in legislation has made it possible for certain juvenile cases to be automatically expunged.  IC 31-39-8-3 states that once a 'child' reaches nineteen (19) years of age, or one (1) year after the date on when the juvenile court discharges the 'child', whichever is later, the court shall automatically expunge certain juvenile offenses within sixty (60) days.  This statue is only applicable for adjudications occurring AFTER 6/30/21.

Matters involving handgun/weapons offenses, regardless of offense level, are excluded under this statute and DO NOT qualify for an automatic expungement.  Additionally, any adjudication that involves a felony is also excluded from the automatic expungement statute.

Any adjudication prior to 6/30/21, any adjudication involving a felony, or, one that involves an excluded offense under the statute after 6/30/21 must go through the expungement process outlined on this site.

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1. Does my juvenile record get erased once I turn 18?
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