Why are you involved in my life?
Our office became involved in your child support case because the person who has custody of your child(ren) applied for the services of the Title IV-D Child Support Program. That person may have done so voluntarily or may have been required to do so because your child(ren) are receiving certain public benefits.

You have some control over how heavily involved we become in your child support case. We will be actively involved long enough to make sure that paternity is established for your child(ren) and an order is issued for you to pay child support. Once an amount of child support is ordered, we will send an income withholding order to your employer. The court will order you to notify us whenever your address or employment status changes. We will send out a new income withholding order whenever you change jobs. So long as you pay child support, on time and in full as ordered, you will most likely not hear anything more from us.

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1. Why are you involved in my life?
2. What happens if my employer doesn't withhold child support, or the right amount of support, from my paycheck?
3. My employer is taking child support out of my check, but the custodial parent isn't getting it. Why not?
4. All of sudden, you started taking an extra $20 a week out of my paycheck. How can you do that?
5. My driver's license is suspended. How do I get it back?
6. You've got a lien on the title to my vehicle. How do I get it taken off?
7. I missed a court date. What should I do?
8. How do I give up my parental rights?
9. Why should I pay support if the other parent won't let me see my child?
10. Why do I have to submit all my questions to your office in writing?