Why do I have to submit all my questions to your office in writing?
The short answer is: (1) to protect your privacy, and (2) to provide the highest level of customer service with the limited resources that we have. First, we need to make sure that we provide information only to the person who has the right to receive it. By requiring that you make your request in writing and provide proof of identity, we can be certain that we are communicating only with you. Second, we administer approximately 5,300 child support cases and receive approximately 500 requests for information or service a month. We track every request through our quality control system to make sure that each one is answered as quickly, accurately, and completely as possible.

Although we do not provide case-specific information over the phone, you can discuss your case in person with a Deputy Prosecutor or customer service representative by stopping by our office any Wednesday or Thursday during regular business hours. You do not need an appointment.

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10. Why do I have to submit all my questions to your office in writing?