Parent Information

Wonders on the Wabash 

2024 Dates

September TBD


Please remind your children that they will be around water – they could get wet.


The Tippecanoe County Partnership for Water Quality (TCPWQ) is excited about the rapidly approaching 10th annual Wonders on the Wabash program! Your child will be rafting down the mighty Wabash River as part of an educational experience to better understand our natural resources and the river ecosystem. 

Wonders on the Wabash (Wonders) is a FREE program designed by the Tippecanoe County Partnership for Water Quality (TCPWQ) for 6th grade classes in Tippecanoe County. 

The following information are important suggestions and reminders for parents to ensure their child is ready for their big day on the water. We thank you in advance for the opportunity to work with your child.

The Wonders program focuses on the importance of our ecosystem and instills a sense of stewardship for protecting one of our most valuable natural resources: water.

How to Prepare

Your child will be around water and may get wet.   We encourage all students to bring a towel, a set of dry clothes, and a pair of dry shoes. NO open-toe shoes are allowed. We also suggest NOT wearing good shoes. 

The TCPWQ will provide the following for your child on their day: a life jacket, bug spray (with and without DEET), sunscreen, a mid-morning snack (Goldfish crackers and water), and lunch. If your child requires a certain kind of bug spray and/or sunscreen, please make sure to send it with them on their day of rafting. Sunscreen and bug spray must be applied BEFORE getting into the raft. This is to prevent damage to the rafts.

The lunch menu will be posted on our website before you child’s day on the water. If you child has certain dietary restrictions, they will need to bring their lunch for their day. We ask they do not bring a drink.  Water will be provided.

Students with Disabilities & Special Requests

The Tippecanoe County Partnership for Water Quality (TCPWQ) is committed to the full inclusion of all student participants. As part of this commitment, the TCPWQ will ensure that persons with disabilities are provided reasonable accommodations to participate to the fullest extent possible. If your student participant requires reasonable accommodations to participate in the Wonders program (i.e., medication, allergies, Para, etc.), please contact us using the information at the bottom of this page.

The TCPWQ strongly recommends staying off the raft If your child has a cast, stitches, ace bandage, ect., which are normally required to be kept dry.

The TCPWQ strongly recommends staying off the raft If your child has a cast, stitches, ace bandage, etc., which are normally required to be kept dry.

If you have a student(s) under the care of a physician for an illness or injury that may be adversely affected by participating in the Wonders program (e.g., cast, bandages, or stitches that should be kept dry), please submit a signed medical clearance from their preferred medical provider. 

In addition, if the student(s) has a condition that might require additional safety-related care or precautions, please let us know so we can be adequately prepared.

Event Details

We will be launching our rafts from Shamrock Park located at 115 Sanford Street, Lafayette, IN 47905. The trip ends at Fort Ouiatenon located at 3136 S River Road, West Lafayette, IN 47906. We will be spending all day outside, both on and off the river. There will be a Conservation Officers present in a motorized boat, should anyone need to get off the river quickly.

Photo Release and Liability Waiver

All students must have a completed liability and photo waiver to participate in the Wonders on the Wabash program. Please fill out the Photo Release & Liablity Waiver.

 Contact Us:

Please feel free to contact us with questions and/or concerns about your child’s day on the water.  or phone 765-423-9228.

We look forward to working with your child on this floating classroom experience!