2010 through 2014

Ordinances 2010 through 2014

  1. ORD 2014-25-CL Amending Ordinance 2014-18-CL and 2014-20-CL Compensation and Number of County Officers, Deputies and Other Employees,
  2. ORD 2014-24-CM Animal Control Ordinance
  3. ORD 2014-23-CM Rezone A to GB, Wabash Stolz SD, Z-2590 Gascho
  4. ORD 2014-22-CM Rezone I3 to R1B, Z-2587, Wabash 10-23-5, Tippecanoe Development
  5. ORD 2014-21-CL Amending County Code Section 34.75(A) Imposing License Excise Surtax on Motor Driven Cycles
  6. ORD 2014-20-CL Compensation and Number of Employees
  7. ORD 2014-19-CM Rezone NB to GB, Wabash 2-23-5, Z-2586
  8. ORD 2014-18-CL Compensation and Number of Employees
  9. ORD 2014-17-CM Tabled - see Ord 2014-24
  10. ORD 2014-16-CL Appropriations and Tax Rate
  11. ORD 2014-15-CL Appropriations and Tax Rate
  12. ORD 2014-14-CM Rezone NB to GB, Wabash 2-23-5, Z-2583 Shane OMalley
  13. ORD 2014-13-CM UZO Amendment 83
  14. ORD 2014-12-CM Rezone R1 to A, Wabash 35-24-5, Z2573, Derek Chisholm
  15. ORD 2014-11-CM Rezone GB to R1B, Wabash 10-23-5, Z-2580Tippecanoe Development
  16. ORD 2014-10-CM UZO Amendment 82 - Flood Plain
  17. ORD 2014-09-CM Rezone A to R1, Tippecanoe 29-24-4, Z-2575, Winding Creek
  18. ORD 2014-08-CM Prohibition of Quarries in Residential Areas
  19. ORD 2014-07-CM Rezone AA to NB, Lauramie 9-21-3 Z-2570 JD and D Funeral Corp
  20. ORD 2014-06-CM Rezone, OR to R1, Wea 7-22-4, Z-2567, Kline Subdv.
  21. ORD 2014-05-CM USO Amendment 9
  22. ORD 2014-04-CM UZO Amendment 81
  23. ORD 2014-03-CM Off Road Vehicles and Golf Carts on Co. Roads, FAILED 3-0
  24. ORD 2014-02-CM USO Amendment 8 Multi-Family Subdv
  25. ORD 2014-01-CM UZO Amendment 80 Duplex Apt Complexes in R2 zones
  26. ORD 2013-47-CM Fairgrounds Fees and Charges
  27. ORD 2013-46-CM APC Filing Fee Charges
  28. ORD 2013-45-CM Rezone R1 - GB, Wabash 11-23-5, Z-2557 Cason Trust
  29. ORD 2013-44-CM Rezone R1 - GB, Wea 7-22-4, Z-2551 Vaughn
  30. ORD 2013-43-CM UZO Amendment 79 Elevating Homes Deadline Extension
  31. ORD 2013-42-CM Supplement to Code or Ordinances and Declaring an Emergency
  32. ORD 2013-41-CM Rezone PR-RS to R1B, Wabash 3-23-5, Z-2556 Scheumann
  33. ORD 2013-40-CM Amend County Code Ch 72 Traffic Schedule for Speed Limits
  34. ORD 2013-39-CL Compensation and Number of Employees
  35. ORD 2013-38-CL Appropriations and Tax Rates
  36. ORD 2013-37-CL TCSWMD Appripriation
  37. ORD 2013-36-CM UZO Amendment 78, Nonconforming Mobile Homes - Clarks Hill
  38. ORD 2013-35-CM Rezone A to RE, Tippecanoe 28-24-4, Z-2552 Kuipers
  39. ORD 2013-34-CM Rezone R1 to GB, Fairfield 11-23-4, Z-2550 Lafayette Christian School Foundation
  40. ORD 2013-33-CM Rezone R3 to A, Lauramie Stockwell, Waters SD, Z-2548 McIntyre
  41. ORD 2013-32-CM Rezone R1 to GB, Fairfield Longlois 23-4, Z-2540 Legado Development
  42. ORD 2013-31-CM Vacate Public Ways West Point
  43. ORD 2013-30-CL Budget Mtg, Appropriation and Tax Rate
  44. ORD 2013-29-CM Rezone GB and NB to R3, Wabash 1-23-5, Z2545
  45. ORD 2013-28-CM Rezone A to GB, Fairfield 2-23-4, Z-2543, James and Anita Wood
  46. ORD 2013-27-CM Vacate Platted Easement, Winding Creek Subdv
  47. ORD 2013-26-CL COIT Reserve to COIT
  48. ORD 2013-25-CM Regulating Consumer Fireworks
  49. ORD 2013-24-CM UZO Amendment 77, Elevation of homes
  50. ORD 2013-23-CM Rezone A and R1 to GB, Fairfield 11-23-4, Z-2534 Aretz
  51. ORD 2013-22-CM Rezone A to GB, Wabash 11-23-5, Z2531 Florian
  52. ORD 2013-21-CM Vacate CR 800 N Washington Twsp
  53. ORD 2013-20-CM Vacate CR 800N - Americus
  54. ORD 2013-19-CM Rezone A to R1, Tippecanoe 29-24-4, Z-2528,Timberstone
  55. ORD 2013-18-CM UZO Amend for Ag Rental Halls
  56. ORD 2013-17-CM Vacate pt CR 450 N, Washington Twsp
  57. ORD 2013-16-CM UZO Amend Committments and Additional Provisions
  58. ORD 2013-15-CM Rezone R1 to GB, Fairfield 11-23-4, Z-2524
  59. ORD 2013-14-CM Not Used
  60. ORD 2013-13-CM Rezone R1 to GB, Fairfield 11-23-4, Z-2522
  61. ORD 2013-12-CM Rezone R1 to R1B, Wea 15-22-4, Z-2520
  62. ORD 2013-11-CL CSWMD Appropriation
  63. ORD 2013-10-CM Amend County Code Ch 72 Traffic Schedule
  64. ORD 2013-09-CM Rezone A to GB, Washington 34-24-3, Z-2518
  65. ORD 2013-08-CM Rezone R1 to A, Wabash Rubright SD
  66. ORD 2013-07-CL CITYBUS Appropriation
  67. ORD 2013-06-CM Coroners Department Fee Schedule
  68. ORD 2013-05-CM Amend County Code Ch 72 Traffic Schedule
  69. ORD 2013-04-CM Rezone NB to R3, Wabash 2-23-5, Z-2516
  70. ORD 2013-03-CM Amend County Code Ch 72 Speed Limits
  71. ORD 2013-02-CM USO Amendment 7, digital submissions
  72. ORD 2013-01-CM USO Amendment 6, Primary Approval
  73. ORD 2012-35-CL Accepting Credit Cards
  74. ORD 2012-34-CM Rezone A to PDRS, Z-2497 Komark - Orchard Phase 4
  75. ORD 2012-33-CM UZO Amendment 74 Farm Drainage Tile Contractor
  76. ORD 2012-32-CL County Investment Policy
  77. ORD 2012-31-CL 2013 CityBus Appropriation and Tax Rates
  78. ORD 2012-30-CL 2013 TCSWMD Appropriation and Tax Rates
  79. ORD 2012-29-CL 2013 Salary Ordinance
  80. ORD 2012-28-CM Rezone PDMX to A, Z-2502 Kerkhoff Bro
  81. ORD 2012-27-CM Was Withdrawn
  82. ORD 2012-26-CL 2013 Appropriation and Tax Rates
  83. ORD 2012-25-CM Rezone A to GB, Z-2505 PRF
  84. ORD 2012-24-CM Rezone R1 to R3, Z-2499 Southern Winds Apt
  85. ORD 2012-23-CM Rezone A to PDRS, Z-2493 Crosswalk Proj
  86. ORD 2012-22-CM Rezone AW to I2, Z-2496 Gerald and Jessica Beck
  87. ORD 2012-21-CM Anti-Nepotism Policy
  88. ORD 2012-20-CM Rezone AW to A, Z-2490 Weist
  89. ORD 2012-19-CM Vacate Streets in Monroe
  90. ORD 2012-18-CL TCSWMD Property Tax Levy
  91. ORD 2012-17-CM Rezone R1 and I3 to I3, Z-2488 Price Hill Farms
  92. ORD 2012-16-CM Rezone PDRS to A, Z-2487 Hope Heals Hearts
  93. ORD 2012-15-CM Amending Co Clerk Fee
  94. ORD 2012-14-CM Rezone I3 to GB, Z-2483 Mars Enterprises
  95. ORD 2012-13-CM Co. Code-Digital Data Submissions
  96. ORD 2012-12-CM Tipp Co Solid Waste Mngt Dist
  97. ORD 2012-11-XX Not Used
  98. ORD 2012-10-XX Not Used
  99. ORD 2012-09-CM Rezone R1 to NB, Z-2480 Citation Homes
  100. ORD 2012-08-CM Rezone R1 to R3, Z-2479 Citation Homes
  101. ORD 2012-07-CM Was Withdrawn
  102. ORD 2012-06-CM Rezone PDRS to PDRS, Z-2474 HERON BAY DEV
  103. ORD 2012-05-CM Speed Limits
  104. ORD 2012-04-XX Not Used
  105. ORD 2012-03-XX Not Used
  106. ORD 2012-02-CM Rezone A to R1B, Z-2477, Tippecanoe Development
  107. ORD 2012-01-CM Rezone A to R1, Z-2476, Islamic Society of Greater Lafayette
  108. ORD 2011-31-CM Election Districts
  109. ORD 2011-30-CM Amend Co Code, Americans with Disabilities
  110. ORD 2011-29-CM Rezone R1 to GB, Z-2471, Fairfield 35-23-4, Ketter
  111. ORD 2011-28-CM Rezone NB to R1B, Z-2470, Romney
  112. ORD 2011-27-CM Amend Co Code Storm Water Mngt
  113. ORD 2011-26-CL 2012 WCSWD Appropriations and Tax Rate
  114. ORD 2011-25-CM Vacate ROW in Grandville
  115. ORD 2011-24-CM Amend Co Code, Transportation Emergencies
  116. ORD 2011-23-CL 2012 Salary Ordinance
  117. ORD 2011-22-CL 2012 Appropriations and Tax Rate
  118. ORD 2011-21-CM Rezone R1 to GB, Wabash 11-23-5, Bethel Christian Life Cntr
  119. ORD 2011-20-CM Rezone I3 to R1, Z-2462, Wea 14-22-4, REL Enterprises
  120. ORD 2011-19-CM Amend Co Code for TCDoIT Dept.
  121. ORD 2011-18-CM Rezone R1B to NB, Wayne 13-22-6, Frank Milica
  122. ORD 2011-17-CM Amend Co Code, Possession of Deadly Weapons in County Buildings
  123. ORD 2011-16-CM Rezone NB to GB, Z-2456, Wabash 2-23-5, Baldwin
  124. ORD 2011-15-CM UZO Amendment 73, Wind Farm
  125. ORD 2011-14-CM Vacate ROW in Monroe
  126. ORD 2011-13-CM Rezone NB to GB, Wabash 2-23-5, Sutter
  127. ORD 2011-12-CM Rezone GB and NB to NBU, Z-2452 Stockwell
  128. ORD 2011-11-CM Rezone PDRS ot R2, Z-2451 Scheumann Prop
  129. ORD 2011-10-CM Rezone R1 to R3 and PDRS, Wabash 12-23-5
  130. ORD 2011-09-CM Amend Co Code, Health Dept Fees
  131. ORD 2011-08-CM Amend Co Code, Speed Limits
  132. ORD 2011-07-CM Amend UZO for Live Entertainment Venues
  133. ORD 2011-06-CL Amend Co Code, Sheriffs Fee Schedule
  134. ORD 2011-05-CM Amend Co Code, Establish Sheriffs Sale and Fund
  135. ORD 2011-04-CM UZO Amendment 71, Bufferyard and Urbanized Sewer Area
  136. ORD 2011-03-CM Rezone I3 to A, Joiner Property
  137. ORD 2011-02-CM Rezone I3 to A, Milestone Contractors
  138. ORD 2011-01-CMDB Surveyor Fees for Alcohol Permits
  139. ORD 2011-01-CM Rezone PDRS to PDRS, Ravenswood
  140. ORD 2010-24-CM Amend Co Code, Wind Energy Conv. Systems
  141. ORD 2010-23-CL Innkeepers Tax Audit and Collection
  142. ORD 2010-22-CL 2011 Salary Ordinance
  143. ORD 2010-21-CM UZO Amend, Parking and Loading Requirments, Near Campus Area
  144. ORD 2010-20-CM Amend Co Code, Weight Limits
  145. ORD 2010-19-CM Vacate ROW, Connors Deerwood Subdivision
  146. ORD 2010-18-CM UZO Amend 70, Lowest Floor Elevation
  147. ORD 2010-17-CM UZO Amend 69, MR and MRU Zones
  148. ORD 2010-16-CM Amend Co Code, Synthetic Cannabinoids
  149. ORD 2010-15-CL 2011 Appropriations and Tax Rates
  150. ORD 2010-14-CM Amend Co Code, Speed Limits
  151. ORD 2010-13-CM UZO Amend 67, Integrated Center Signs
  152. ORD 2010-12-CM UZO Amend 66, Meteorological Towers and Wind Energy Systems
  153. ORD 2010-11-CM Rezone A to I3, Fairfield 1-23-4, Milestone
  154. ORD 2010-10-CM Rezone I3 to GB, Wea 12-22-4
  155. ORD 2010-09-CM UZO Amend, Improvementw in FP Zones
  156. ORD 2010-08-CM Amend Co Code, Speed Limits
  157. ORD 2010-07-CM UZO Amend, Setbacks, wind System, Filing Fees
  158. ORD 2010-06-CM Rezone R1 to GB, South Creasy Lane Subdivision
  159. ORD 2010-05-CM Rezone GB to PDNR, Fairfield 3-23-5
  160. ORD 2010-04-CM Amend Co Code, New State Laws
  161. ORD 2010-03-CM Amend Co Code, Building Code Fees
  162. ORD 2010-02-CM Amend Co Code, Wind Energy Conversion Systems
  163. ORD 2010-01-CM Amend Co Code, Speed Limits

Resolutions 2010 through 2014

  1. RES 2014-29-CM - Establishing TC Heartland Economic Development Area
  2. RES 2014-28-CM - Veterans suffering Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  3. RES 2014-27-CM - Purchase and Lease Financing E911 Upgrade
  4. RES 2014-26-CM - Equipment Lease-Purchase E911 Upgrade Agreement
  5. RES 2014-25-CL - CONFIRMATORY RESOLUTION - Designation of Economic Revitalization Area
  6. RES 2014-24-CM - APC Heartland Econ Dev
  7. RES 2014-23-CL - Confirming Funding of Community Mental Health Centers
  8. RES 2014-22-CL - Confirming Funding of Community Mental Retardation Centers
  9. RES 2014-21-CL - Fixing 2015 Salary of County Surveyor
  10. RES 2014-20-CL - Fixing 2015 Salary of County Coroner
  11. RES 2014-19-CL - Interest in Purchase of Real Estate - 111 N 4th St
  12. RES 2014-18-CL - Interest in purchase of Real Estate - Fairfield Builders Supply Property
  13. RES 2014-17-CM - Commissioners Sale
  15. RES 2014-15-CL - TC Library Bonds
  16. RES 2014-14-CM - Voestalpine Rotect, Inc.
  17. RES 2014-13-CL - Confirm Minimum Fund Balances
  18. RES 2014-12-CL - Tippecanoe School Projects
  19. RES 2014-11-CL - Endorsing EDIT
  20. RES 2014-10-CL - Endorsing Cum Cap
  21. RES 2014-09-CM - Wildcat Creek Partners
  22. RES 2014-08-CL - Wildcat Creek Confirmatory Resolution
  23. RES 2014-07-CM - EDIT Capital Improvement Plan
  24. RES 2014-06-CM - CUM CAP
  25. RES 2014-05-CM - Wabash River Heritage Corr
  26. RES 2014-04-CL - ERA Wildcat Creek Partners Declaratory
  27. RES 2014-03-CM - Appointments
  28. RES 2014-02-CM - Appointments
  29. RES 2014-01-CM - Establish Regular Meeting Dates