Drop-Off Items For Inmates

- Items allowed for inmates may be dropped off in the lobby of the jail during business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm excluding holidays or other lobby closures. All items dropped off MUST be signed in on the drop off log.​​​​​​​

​- Prescription eyeglasses must be in good repair and completely soft cases will be accepted with the glasses, (no snaps, pocket clips, etc.) 2 new pair of contact lens may be dropped off at one time. Accessory items such as saline solution or contact cases must be purchased from commissary. Reading glasses are available through jail clergy and also are available for purchase through commissary.​​​​

- ​Any necessary medical items must be pre-approved by medical staff or the jail commander BEFORE being brought to the lobby.

- ​​​​Plain religious necklaces used in the daily practice of an inmate’s religion may be dropped off if within jail size and type guidelines. ​​ Religious necklaces must be from a formally recognized religion or faith group. Medallion, cross, etc., must not be bigger than 1 inch by 1 ½ inches. The chain must be a metal LINK chain that is lightweight enough so it does not create a choking hazard. Chains must not be longer than 20 inches in length. No rope, serpentine, cord, leather or ball type chains accepted. Large, ornate items or anything with any protrusions or stones will NOT be permitted. Items pointy enough to be used as a weapon will not be accepted. Plain rosaries are accepted. If the inmate is using the jewelry in a matter it is not designed for, it will be confiscated and the inmate will not be allowed a replacement.​​

- ​Plain wedding bands are accepted for inmates who are married. The jail may require a copy of the marriage license if our records indicate that the inmate is single or divorced. Wedding bands will only be accepted from the legal spouse of the inmate.

​​​​​- All items dropped off for inmates must go through an approval process before distributing to the inmate. It may take several days for the inmate to receive a particular item. Calls to inquire when an inmate will receive an item slows down this process.

- ​Appropriate court clothes are accepted for jury trial or sentencing only. These may be dropped off during lobby hours within a few days of the sentencing or beginning of the trial.​​