Income & Expense Surveys

The Tippecanoe County Assessor's Office is compiling as much information as possible from local commercial and industrial property owners in order to have a reliable set of data by which we can model valuation for our local market.  The information you provide will assist us greatly in developing a fair and balanced approach to assessing commercial and industrial properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

I own a residential, single family home.  Do I need to complete a survey?

Typically, no. However, if the property is used as a rental, please fill out the Residential Rental Income Expense Survey (1-4 unit properties).

I purchased a property that is now being used as a rental. How can I update its status?

You can inform the Assessor's Office about the current status of any 1-4 unit property by filling out this quick, location based survey. This lets our office know whether the property is owner-occupied, a long term rental, or a short term rental (for example, AirBnB).

How is the information collected in these surveys used to value properties?

The majority of commercial and industrial properties in Tippecanoe County are valued on the income approach, which is a valuation method that predicts how much an investor would be willing to pay for a piece of real estate based on the income and risk associated with ownership.  Expectations and risks associated with certain types on investment vary greatly, so we're hoping to compile as much information from local investors, real estate brokers, business owners, and other industry professionals as we can in order to have a reliable set of data by which we can model valuation via the income approach specifically for our local market.

Can the information provided in the survey be used against me if I decide to appeal my property value?

No property will be valued based on individual performance of the property.  Mass appraisal property valuation requires that we acquire information from multiple sources regarding the various factors that may affect a property's valuation, and apply the data derived from those factors equitably across similar property types to ensure a fair and balanced approach to assessed valuation for taxing purposes.  That being said, there is a possibility that information provided during a survey may reveal an error in the Assessor's Office physical description of the property that would need to be corrected.

Is the information collected in these surveys publicly accessible?

No, all personal surveys will remain confidential, with only the analysis based on the averages of the aggregate data to be made available for public consumption.

When I am filling out a survey, am I able to stop in the middle of it and continue later?

Yes, the surveys can be saved any time after completing the first page and returned to later. To do this, simply click the black bar at the top of the screen that says 'Save and continue later.' The survey will then ask for your e-mail address to send you a unique link for you to use when you are ready to resume your survey.

Is it mandatory that commercial and industrial property owners complete the survey?

The information these surveys collect is very important to provide accurate and equitable assessments. You are not required to complete the survey, but your assistance is extremely helpful and welcome.

If I have questions regarding the survey, who do I contact?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Assessor's Office at (765) 423-9255 Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, or e-mail the Assessor's office.