Street Name Applications & Guidelines

Procedure for Authorizing New or Changed Street Names
  1. Application is submitted by petitioner to APC staff, electronically. Please fill out the application completely, including suffix and public/private section. Incomplete applications will not be considered and will be returned to the submitter.
  2. Staff checks current computer databases for duplicates, previously rejected names, names reserved for subdivisions not yet completed and phonemes.
  3. Staff checks with the Post Office, Emergency 911 and APC Executive Director.
  4. Disapproval by any of the above results in a denial for the proposed street name.
  5. Changed or Renamed streets are sent on to the jurisdiction's public meeting for adoption. (If the original name was included in a recorded plat, then the new name will be recorded by APC).
  6. Approved new names are sent to agencies and developers and added to all lists and databases.
  7. Approved new names should be put in the Preliminary Plat or Preliminary PD. Once recorded all approved names actually used must again be turned into APC staff so the data base can be updated.