Geographic Information System (GIS) & Mapping

Services Available
  • Notification Listings - GIS can produce a map and a list of homeowners within any distance of a property or other feature. Your list can be printed on paper or emailed to you so that you can automatically generate form letters.
  • Elevation/Topography Information - GIS can produce a map showing the contours and spot elevations along with property lines and aerial photography. This map can then be used to analyze a property's susceptibility to flooding. The APC office located in the Tippecanoe County Office Building will provide the analysis for you.
  • Surface Soil Analysis - GIS can produce maps showing surface soils and property lines on top of aerial photography to be used for analysis.
  • Excavation Planning - GIS maps can assist in building a pond or trying to site a house. Our maps can show 2' contour lines, spot elevations, aerial photography and property lines in order to better understand the area around a property.
  • Property Analysis - A GIS map could be a valuable asset while deciding to buy or sell a property. GIS maps can be used to help realtors, homeowners, developers, surveyors, and builders with the property transaction process. We can include property lines, contours, water features, soils, transportation, and aerial photography on one map. The cost is from $23.50 and up, depending on the size of the map and the time it takes to create the map.
  • Plots - Size 18" x 24" through 36" x 48" available for this service.
    • Several media types to choose from (coated paper, heavy coated paper, natural tracing paper, high gloss photo paper, high gloss white film, or matte film).
    • Color or black and white options are available.
    • Each request is customized; therefore we ask that you please allow plenty of time if you plan to wait in our office for your completed request. If necessary, we will take requests via the web, email, fax, or in person in our office. We are also able to mail your requests to you via U.S. Postal Service.
    • We may contact you with charge information or to make any clarifications on your request.
Please contact us at 765-423-9357 if you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you with your GIS needs. View Ordinance 2005-43-CM (PDF): Establishing fees for electronic data and services.