Cary Home for Children Advisory Board

Meeting date and Times

  • Noon - 2 p.m.
  • 1st Monday of Each Quarter
  • 1530 S 18th Street
    Lafayette, IN 47905

2022-2023 Members

  • Tom Murtaugh, President, Tippecanoe County Commissioner
  • Kurt Wolf, Vice President, Lafayette Police Dept.
  • Scott Angstadt, Secretary, Tippecanoe County Juvenile Probation
  • Laura Speicher, Attendance Director, Lafayette School Corp.
  • Monica Casanova, Trustee, Fairfield Township
  • Ashley Jones, Tippecanoe County DCS
  • Robert Goldsmith, Sheriff, Tippecanoe County Sheriff
  • Bill Jones, Tippecanoe Township Trustee
  • Ben Murray, member, Tippecanoe County Council
  • Aaron Johnson, President, Jesse's Kids Foundation, INC.
  • K.D. Benson, Community Member
  • Dan Long, Lafayette Police Department

Cary Home Representatives

  • Rebecca Humphrey, Youth Services Director
  • Julie Pressler, Administrative Assistant

The Jessie Levering Cary Home for Children Advisory Board is composed of representatives from the following:

  • 2 Township Trustees
  • Division of Family and Children
  • Jessie's Kids Foundation, INC
  • Lafayette Police Department
  • Lafayette School Corporation
  • Tippecanoe County Commissioners
  • Tippecanoe County Council
  • Tippecanoe County Juvenile Courts
  • Tippecanoe County Probation Department
  • Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Department

Each organization appoints a representative to represent its interest on the Advisory Board. Each appointee serves a minimum of 2 years.

Responsibilities for Advisory Board Members

  • To advocate financial support of Cary Home with Tippecanoe County and the community at large
  • To participate in board motivated programs and activities for the residents of Cary Home
  • To promote Cary Home within the community (This includes regular reports back to the department appointed through)
  • To serve on board committees
  • To set program direction for Cary Home through board discussion and decision making

Each board member is expected to regularly attend and participate. On occasions when an absence is unavoidable, a substitute representing your organization should attend.