All ABZA meetings will start at 6 pm.
 The meetings can be watched live on the County Facebook and Youtube Page.

A variance is a specific approval to deviate dimensions like building height, lot area, parking spaces, setbacks, etc., from the development standards of the Unified Zoning Ordinance. In Tippecanoe County (except for Lafayette and Shadeland), a variance can only be granted by the Area Board of Zoning Appeals after a Public Hearing.

A completed variance submission consists of the following:

  • Zoning Appeals Petition (Form 21)
  • Findings of Facts for Variances (Form 21V)
  • Notarized Consent (Form 1, if necessary)
  • Notice of Public Hearing Release (Form 2)
  • WL City-Campus Community Collaboration Zone Verification (if necessary)
  • Site Plans
  • Fees: See Fee Schedule (PDF)

If your submission is complete at the filing deadline, we will notify you by mail that your request has been placed on the agenda of the board's next meeting.

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