Planned Development

Planned Development (PD) zoning is used to foster innovative and diverse design in land development that is still consistent with both the adopted Comprehensive Plan and the intent of the Unified Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances. To achieve this, the commission does not apply any other provisions of this chapter or Chapter 4 below. Instead, the commission - through its staff - negotiates a specific development plan with the petitioner for PD zoning and representatives of the checkpoint agencies.

The combined elements of this negotiated plan - rather than zone regulations - then become the subject of the rezoning process. All restrictions and regulations for a specific Planned Development are thus contained within the approved and recorded plan itself, having been arrived at prior to rezoning. PD zoning may be applied to a redevelopment site, existing development, undeveloped land, and on contiguous or non-contiguous tracts located within the same jurisdiction. (Revised October 2014)