Emergency Response

The Tippecanoe County Health Department is ready at all times to respond to both public health and other all-hazards emergencies with public health implications.

Emergency Response Team
The Emergency Response Team (ERT) is comprised of personnel from all divisions to meet emergency surge capacity staffing needs of the ERT. Personnel shall transition into pre-designated ICS position assignments on the ERT to execute the CDC public health preparedness capabilities. At a minimum, all command and general staff positions shall be staffed and other positions will be staffed, as needed.

Emergency Support Function - 8 Representatives
The Tippecanoe County Health Department maintains a pre-designated cadre of 3 personnel that are trained and will report in rotation to staff ESF-8 (Health and Medical) as representatives in the Tippecanoe County EOC, as requested. These representatives have the responsibility to coordinate county-level public health resources and maintain a county-wide common operating picture in support of response operations to address public health issues resulting from public health or other all-hazards emergencies. In instances when medical co-chairs are not present or able to report, these representatives will also become responsible for the coordination of county-level medical resources.