Guidelines, Policies, and Standards

Subdivision Standards

  • Contractor shall contact the county for an inspection at least 24 hours in advance.
  • All requirements of the county must be met prior to scheduling the pre-construction meeting as described in Pre-Construction Requirements.
  • The pre-construction meeting among the involved entities is required prior to the start of work on the project.
  • The construction work shall conform to the requirements of all agencies having jurisdiction over the project.
  • The contractor is responsible for maintaining a safe construction site and for keeping surrounding streets neat and clean.
  • The contractor will provide safe access to the construction site for all inspectors and will adhere to the requirements as described in Testing Requirements
  • All pavement, curbs, sidewalks, ramps, sewer systems etc. shall be constructed in accordance with the specifications and in close conformance with the lines, grades, thickness and typical cross sections shown on the plans (Materials and workmanship shall be in accordance with designated sections of the Indiana Department of Transportation "Standard Specifications (PDF)," 2006 Edition and Tippecanoe County Highway Department)
  • A professionally prepared and certified set of "As-built" plans are required before performing a subdivision final inspection. The as-built plans shall include all pertinent information relevant to the completed construction of streets, curb, storm drainage system, water system, and sanitary system located within the Tippecanoe County right of way (As-built plans must be approved by the Tippecanoe County Highway Department prior to street acceptance)
  • Whenever proprietary material or equipment is specified, "or approved equal" is implied (All proposals for substitution shall be submitted to the county in writing for approval)