Information for Attorneys

Case filings are accepted in our office whenever we are open. There is no limit to the number than can be dropped off at one time. We would strongly recommend that you plan to leave the filings and have your receipts mailed or placed in your mailbox. However, if you bring more than ten in at one time and you wish to wait for the receipts, we would ask that you be patient as we may have to serve other customers. We cannot guarantee that case numbers will be sequential.

Download a copy of our local rules.

Filing Fees
 Item Fee
    Divorce with Children          $191
     Divorce without Children  $156
     Civil Filings Varies
     Adoptions    Varies
     Paternity  $176
     Estates   $156
     Guardianships       $156
     Trusts  $156
     Small Claims

It is the responsibility of the plaintiff or their attorney to provide us with the correct number of copies of each filing.

All cases require an original complaint and summons. In addition, if you wish service to be by certified mail, please provide one complaint and one summons per defendant per address. If you wish the Sheriff to provide service, please bring in three copies of the complaint and summons per defendant per address.

Please provide as much information as possible. A date of birth, a current address and/or a driver's license number will help us locate the defendant.

If you have questions about filing cases, please e-mail us.