Alcohol & Catering Information

As it pertains to:
  • The A-frame Lodge & Dining Hall in Ross Camp
  • The Ross House in Ross Hills Park
  • The Tippecanoe County Amphitheater
The Tippecanoe County Park Board has adopted the following Alcohol and Catering policy and it is stringently enforced. This policy applies to the above listed facilities. At all other park department facilities, alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Alcohol & Catering Policy

Our policy concerning alcohol is very specific and no deviations will be allowed. Individuals absolutely cannot provide their own alcohol at events held at the Ross Camp Dining Hall, Ross Camp A-frame lodge, the Ross House in Ross Hills Park, or Tippecanoe County Amphitheater. If you wish to served alcohol at events held at these facilities, you must contract with a business that has a "Catering License" as issued by the Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission." The Park Department has a list of these businesses on file. This business must have their employee serve the alcohol and is responsible for seeing that all Indiana State laws regarding alcohol service are adhered to.

These businesses are required to provide the Park Board with a Certificate of Insurance that meets limits set by the Park Board, as well as provide a copy of their Retail Merchant's Certificate. A caterer/bar/restaurant that does not have a Catering License may apply to the Indiana Excise Police and obtain a 1-day permit, and must submit to the Park Department Office a Certificate of Insurance and copy of their Retails Merchant's Certificate. Park Board policy prohibits individuals from obtaining a 1-day liquor permit.

Uniformed Deputy

In addition, you must have a uniformed Tippecanoe County Sheriff's Deputy present during the time alcohol is being served. 

Food service

Individuals may prepare and serve their own food at events held in park department facilities. However, if they choose to hire a caterer, the caterer must meet specific requirements. They must have on file in the Park Department Office a Certificate of Insurance, as well as a copy of their Retail Merchant's Certificate. Caterers should contact the park office at 765-463-2306 to request information concerning park department requirements.