Federal Benefits

Paid to a veteran who has an injury or a disease which was incurred in or aggravated by military service. The amount of compensation is based on the severity of the disability. If the VA has rated the veteran at 30% or more disabled, the VA will pay an additional amount for each dependent. Veterans with a service-connected condition(s) rated 10% or more disabling may be eligible for education and employment assistance under our vocational rehabilitation program.

Includes inpatient, outpatient, and dental care, nursing home assistance, substance abuse treatment, and prescription drugs. The VA does not charge for treating service-connected disabilities. If your condition is not related to military service and you have limited ability to pay, the VA may charge you for a portion of the cost of that care.

Paid to a veteran who served honorably during wartime, is permanently and totally disabled and has a low income. VA determines the pension amount by comparing the veteran's (and dependent's) income from all sources to the income limit set by Congress. When income is lower than this limit, VA pays the difference as a pension.

Home Loan
VA guarantees a loan to a veteran or service person to purchase or refinance his/her residence, (house, manufactured home, condominium, etc.). The veteran obtains the loan from a mortgage lender, generally without a down payment and at a lower interest rate than available on the market. Veterans with a VA guaranteed loan should ask VA for a "Release of Liability" if they sell that property through an assumption.

Paid to eligible veterans, service persons, or members of the Selected Reserves. VA administers several educational benefit programs with eligibility based primarily on dates and type of service. Generally, a veteran must use his/her benefits within 10 years of the date of eligibility or release from active duty. The benefit amount is based on the program in which the beneficiary participated and on his/her training time.

VA Life Insurance
Veterans may convert up to $100,000 of their Serviceman's Group Life Insurance to Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI) within 120 days from the date of release from active duty with no restriction. They may convert within 1 year and 120 days from the date of release from active duty with proof of good health. VGLI us a 5 year non-renewable term policy with very low monthly premiums. Holders if VGLI policies have an unrestricted right to convert this coverage to commercial insurance during this 5 year period. Veterans with service-connected disability may buy up to $10,000 of National Service Life Insurance (type RH), if they apply within 2 years from the date VA notifies them of their disability rating.

For deceased veterans who served honorably, VA provides a flag for use in the funeral ceremony and a marker for their grave. Veterans, spouses, or dependent child(ren) are eligible for burial in a national cemetery. VA reimburses a portion of the funeral and interment expenses to the person who paid them. To be eligible for this benefit, the veteran must have been receiving VA disability benefits at the time of his/her death or died in a hospital or nursing home at VA expense.