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                                                              RELAPSE PREVENTION                                                                       
                                                            Instructor:  Keyna Everett  

This class meets once a week for 8 weeks.  
This evidence-based program helps clients identify high risk situations, work on responses, coping skills, and explore lifestyle factors that may increase vulnerability.  

                                                             ROAD TO RECOVERY                                                                                                                              Instructor:  Norm Henry  

This class meets once a week for 8 weeks.  It focuses on recovery with topics including: 
     Thoughts & Beliefs    
     How Drugs Work     
     Coping Skills 
     Triggers & Cravings    
     Interpersonal Relationships 
     Lifestyle Balance
     Vulnerability & Self Efficacy

                                                               LIVING IN BALANCE  
                                                           Instructor:  Keyna Everett 

 This Intensive Out Patient (IOP) program meets 3 times a week and draws from cognitive, behavior and experiential treatment approaches with a strong emphasis on relapse prevention.  The program uses education, instruction, written exercises, and group process interactions through role-play and discussion, relaxation and visualization exercises and group-oriented recreational and therapy exercises.    

  1. Everett_CCPhotos-032

    Keyna Everett

    Masters Prepared Therapist

  2. Henry_CCPhotos-034

    Norman Henry

    Licensed Addictions Counselor

  3. Wafford_CCPhotos-039

    Jennifer Wafford

    Licensed Addiction Counselor

  4. Nice_CCPhotos-004 (1)

    Christopher Nice

    Education Coordinator

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