What To Do With Latex Paint

Latex paint is non-toxic and we do NOT accept it at the household hazardous waste drop-off.  To dispose of latex paint, simply let it dry out solid, and throw it away with your regular trash.  Clay kitty litter can be added to the wet paint at a 50:50 ratio to help it solidify quicker.  Paint hardener can be purchased at the paint counter at hardware stores or in bulk online.  This is a powder that can be mixed in to cans of paint to solidify it. 

Trash trucks will get fined if they leak wet paint on to the road, so they will not pick up cans of paint if they cannot be sure they are dried solid.  Please contact your trash hauler to see how they prefer the cans to be prepared for pickup.  If your trash service will not pick up the dried up paint, dried paint cans can be brought to the transfer station at 2770 N 9th Street to be disposed of as trash for a fee.  

Oil-based paint and polyurethane are toxic and can be brought to the household hazardous waste drop-off at the transfer station on N 9th Street.  
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