Contractor Awards

Each year, the Tippecanoe County Partnership for Water Quality (TCPWQ) recognizes contractors that excel in their efforts to prevent pollution from entering surface waters in Tippecanoe County during and after construction.

2021 Awards

Category:  Commercial Achievement in Erosion and Sediment Control 

Rigdon Construction - Ellsworth Building                             Description:  The Ellsworth Building features downtown living in a five-story, 97 modern apartment homes. The building also features 1,300 square feet of commercial space and 40 public parking spaces during business hours. The Ellsworth project redevelops a key, previously underutilized parcel. Designated an Opportunity Zone by Gov. Eric Holcomb to encourage capital investment in the area, the project will stimulate economic development along South Street, while bringing additional population density downtown. We’re awarding this project with the Excellence in Commercial Erosion Control Award because Bruce Pauley was always willing to meet onsite and communicate with City of Lafayette inspectors. Bruce was quick to rectify any abnormal situation.

Construction site at Ellsworth Building.

Category: Residential Achievement in Erosion and Sediment Control 

Morgan Construction - Luna Apartments                             Description: Luna Apartments, named as an homage to a local movie house, will feature 98 residential units, 112 parking spaces both above and below ground. The five-story building, located at 631 Main Street, will also feature a relaxing green roof and an adjoining fitness room. With this project being in a high-traffic area, it was commendable that Morgan Construction was always proactive instead of reactive with stormwater issues that were a concern. 

From street overlooking the construction site at the Luna Apartments

Category: Public Works Achievement in Erosion and Sediment Control

Kettelhut Construction - Lafayette Safety Building                           Description: The Lafayette Safety Building is a four story, 65,000-square-foot complex that will feature a large community room, and outdoor green space, increased space for records and personnel, including dispatchers, an area for a victim advocate program in coordination with YWCA of Greater Lafayette, additional evidence storage capacity, and a safe room for people, should they need it. Being in an area that does not allow much room outside the project, and also being in the heart of downtown, Kettelhut has put time and effort into maintaining their site well considering the weather and constant traffic that has been a daily challenge. 

Three workers installing sediment filter sock on the construction site at Lafayette Safety Building

Past Award Recipients

  • F & K Construction (Public Works)
  • Habitat for Humanity of Greater Lafayette (Residential)
  • Turner Construction (Commercial)
  • Keller Development (Residential)
  • Tempest Homes (Residential)
  • Providence Construction (Commercial)
  • Ely Concrete (Residential)
  • Rieth Riley Contractors (Commercial)
  • Downham Homes (Small Residential)
  • Tempest Homes (Large Residential)
  • Force Construction (Commercial)
  • Fairfield Contractors (Public Works)
  • Kettlehut Construction, Inc. (Commerical)
  • F & K Construction (Public Works)