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Date of Record: January 27, 2012

2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan - Completing Our Streets
The Area Plan Commission has completed the Metropolitan Transportation Plan for 2040, subtitled Completing the Streets.  It was adopted  by the MPO Policy Committee (Area Plan Commission of Tippecanoe County) on  June 20, 2012.  The first long range transportation plan was completed in 1978 and has been updated four times.  This current update places greater emphasis on sustainability, personal mobility and Complete Streets by focusing more on user choice and alternative modes of travel.  New project specific recommendations for bicycle facilities, trails and sidewalks are included as well as a discussion of transit and its future in the community.  The recommended highway projects have been carried forward from previous plans with a few new recommended street improvements.


The list of recommended bicycle and pedestrian projects started with an analysis of current plans and planning efforts.  Specifically, the Transportation Plan for 2030, US 52 Corridor Study, West Lafayette's Trail Plan, Lafayette's preliminary Trail Plan recommendations and a community wide sidewalk inventory.  The recommended bicycle and pedestrian projects are designed to connect people to existing and proposed facilities and desired locations (e.g., schools, parks and shopping).  The recommendations are not designed to address individual neighborhood needs but rather provide a network of connecting routes.


The recommended highway projects build upon 35 years of transportation and land use planning.  They take into consideration current and future population, employment, land use, and travel patterns as well as locations of crashes and congestion.  All projects listed have been reviewed by the Citizen Participation Committee of the Area Plan Commission, local social service agencies involved in the Coordinated Human Services Transit Plan, stakeholder groups, individuals, and the Technical and Administrative Committees of the Area Plan Commission.


We would appreciate any comments or questions you have about the proposed projects.  Please write or call:
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