Officials who Perform Wedding Ceremonies back  
Date of Record: January 27, 2005

Officials Who Perform Wedding Ceremonies

The following are people who will perform wedding ceremonies. To schedule an appointment, you need to contact their office at the listed number. Fees should be discussed when you make the appointment.

  Superior I 3rd floor Judge Randy Williams 423-9254
  Superior II 4th floor Judge Thomas Busch 423-9310
  Superior IV 2nd floor Judge Gregory Donat 423-9266
  Superior V 2nd floor Judge Les Meade 423-9280
  Superior VI 1st Floor Judge Michael Morrissey 423-9750
  Magistrate 1st floor Magistrate Sean Persin 423-9190
  Circuit 3rd floor Judge Donald L. Daniel 423-9343
  West Lafayette City Hall Judge Lori Stein Sabol 429-5333