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Cindy Houseman

Executive Director
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    117 N 4th St
    Lafayette, IN 47901
Primary Department: Court Services

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About our Executive Director...

Cindy Houseman MS, NCC, LMHC, CADIC I

Cindy Houseman worked for the State of Indiana for sixteen years where she was an Employment Counselor and then promoted to the position of State Counseling Coordinator.  While in this capacity, Cindy led a group of six other counselors in developing and implementing a series of weeklong training sessions.  The series of four sessions included:  Core I Counseling (counseling basics), Core II Counseling (application of career and counseling theories), Assessment (formal and informal), and Career Exploration (teaching the career decisions making process in group format to clients).  Cindy then began meeting with counselors statewide to help them integrate the training into their local services.  It was during this period that she realized more 'tools' were needed to work with the clients that were coming in, so she returned to school (Purdue University) to receive her Master's Degree in Mental Health.

Cindy Houseman has been the Director of Court Services for Drug and Alcohol Abuse for the past three and a half years.  As a child of two alcoholic parents, she never saw herself doing this kind of work, and feels it has been an excellent growth experience for her both personally and professionally. 

Our Executive Director has an NCC (national) certification and is LMHC (Indiana practitioner's license) certified.  Cindy also is a CADAC I which certifies her to work with people who have drug and/or alcohol problems. 

Cindy Houseman is a member of NECA, ICA and serves on the Literacy Board.  In addition, she maintains a private part-time practice working with clients who have eating disorders. 



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