Environmental Division


Environmental Division

The Environmental Division of the Tippecanoe County Health Department is charged with protecting public environmental health for all of Tippecanoe County including Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indiana.

This department oversees the permitting and inspection of residential and commercial on-site sewage disposal systems or septic systems. All newly constructed and repairs to existing septic systems require a permit from our department prior to the start of construction. Also, an inspection of the installation upon completion of the system is conducted by our staff. As a part of the inspection process, we maintain diagrams of residential and commercial septic systems installed after 1979.

Another part of ensuring proper disposal of residential waste water includes inspections of existing residential sewage disposal systems for real estate transactions. For information on proper permitting of septic system construction, guides for homeowners on maintaining and using your septic system, and information on having an existing system inspected for real estate transaction, browse through our site dedicated to Sewage Disposal.

Environmental Division Staff are also involved in the correction of unsanitary conditions as they pertain to:

  • private drinking water supplies
  • waste water disposal and treatment
  • surface water pollution
  • indoor air pollution & mold
  • disposal of solid wastes
  • rural housing complaints
  • mosquito and pest control
  • soil scientist information



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