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Volunteer Registration and Liability Waiver

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  6. Liability Waiver

    Liability waiver: I understand and acknowledge that activities in and around a river entail some level of risk. I, the undersigned, being the volunteer involved in the Wonders On The Wabash program, do hereby, for myself release, discharge, hold harmless, and forever acquit Tippecanoe County, Tippecanoe County Partnership for Water Quality (consisting of Tippecanoe County, City of Lafayette, City of West Lafayette, Purdue University, Town of Battle Ground, Town of Dayton, and Ivy Tech Community College), West Lafayette Parks Department, and their officers, agents, representatives, and employees (hereinafter "the released parties") from any and all actions, causes of action, claims or any liability whatsoever, known or unknown now existing or which may arise in the future on account of or in any way related to or arising out of participation in the event, including without limitation, those arising out of claims that the released parties were negligent. I understand that this waiver is being relied upon as a material inducement to allow participation in the event.

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    The submission of this form shall serve that in leiu of my signature. I have read, fully understand, and accept all terms of the foregoing volunteer statement.

  8. Thank you!

    Thank you for registering to be a HUGE part of Wonders On the Wabash. The purpose of this program is to educate residents of all ages within Tippecanoe County, on the importance of our ecosystem and instill in them a sense of stewardship for protecting one of our most valuable natural resources: water. By educating the citizens, the hope is they in turn, will contribute to the sustainability and improvement of our world's ecosystems.

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