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Attorney Access Form for ID Badge

  1. Type in first and last name

  2. The undersigned agrees to the following in consideration of being given a Courthouse I.D. Badge/Access Card:

    1. I am an attorney in good standing with the Tippecanoe County Bar Association.

  3. 2. I agree, in exchange for an I.D. Badge/Access Card to the Tippecanoe County Courthouse without going through the security screening, that:

  4. a. I will carry my County issued ID Badge any time I am using the access card.

  5. b. I will not allow my ID or Access card to be used by any other individual

  6. c. I will not use my I.D./Access Card to let unauthorized persons in to the courthouse, circumventing the security screening process. This includes but is not limited to, clients, support staff, other attorneys not having an I.D. Badge/Card or any other person

  7. d. I agree specifically NOT to bring in or attempt to bring in any items that are prohibited, such as firearms, weapons, incendiary devices, knives or any other contraband or items(s) that are prohibited under existing laws into the courthouse for any purpose.

  8. 3. I agree to immediately notify Courthouse Security personnel and the Tippecanoe County Human Resources Department of the loss or theft of my I.D. Badge or Access Card and agree to pay a replacement fee of $10.00 dollars per card.

  9. 4. I understand and agree that my privilege may be denied or revoked by Court Security personnel, Human Resources, Commissioners or Sheriff’s officials in charge of security for:

  10. a. Any act of violence or confrontation with any person in the courthouse;

  11. b. Failure to follow instructions of courthouse security personnel;

  12. c. Failure to pay I.D. Badge/Card fees or renewal fees.

  13. d. Revocation of license to practice law;

  14. e. Conviction of any crime;

  15. f. Failure to abide by terms of this agreement; or

  16. g. Any other reason affecting security or public safety.

  17. 5. If my privilege is denied or revoked, the denial or revocation is reviewable by the courthouse security committee.

  18. 6. I agree I will be required to renew the I.D. Badge/Access Card every two (2) years and pay the current fee for that period.

  19. 7. I understand the two (2) year fee is subject to increase by the Commissioner.

  20. 8. I understand this program is a privilege and creates no vested right. This program may be revoked at any time by Tippecanoe County.

  21. Photo must be shoulder height and above, nothing obstructing the view of the face such as hats, hoods, or sunglasses. Background should be neutral and photo must only contain the requesting attorney. No other person or objects may appear in the photo.

  22. Signature and Acceptance*

    By selecting the checkbox below I acknowledge and agree to the terms as stated above and allow this to act as my official signature for the agreement between myself and Tippecanoe County Commissioner's Office.

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