Biking & Walking

Bicycling and walking is more than just a recreational activity – it’s becoming a preferred form of transportation.  Known as active transportation, bicycling and walking to everyday destinations has many benefits, ranging from improved health to reductions in vehicle congestion to reduced pollution, all of which to create an overall better quality of life.

The communities within the MPO planning area have noticed an increase in the number of people bicycling and walking and are taking steps to provide safe and convenient facilities.  The Area Plan Commission, as the federal transportation agency for Greater Lafayette, assists the cities, towns and county in planning for bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and also allocates funding for federally funded projects.

Bike Walk Greater Lafayette

Bike Walk Greater Lafayette is working to develop and implement a Safety Education and Awareness Program that will promote safety benefits for all road users – people who bike, people who walk and people who drive or take transit.  The Safety Education and Awareness Program includes these major elements:

•    Create a 3-Year Action Plan

•    Acquire, customize, develop and distribute various forms of safety education materials

•    Develop and distribute bicycle and pedestrian route maps

•    Develop, support and sponsor training programs and classes

Safe, Fun, Connected

Bike Walk Greater Lafayette Safety Plan

The Safety Plan (pdf) developed by Bike Walk Greater Lafayette advances a culture of safe, shared use of local transportation networks among all people, regardless of their mode of travel. Based on input from knowledgeable individuals and groups, “Comfort Maps” were developed displaying bicycle routes and sidewalks, trails and paths in Lafayette, West Lafayette and in the county.  These maps describe the level of comfort for bicyclists and pedestrians of various experiences, age and skill levels.

Bicycle Comfort Map (pdf)

Pedestrian Comfort Map (pdf)

Bike Walk Greater Lafayette Logo

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