Ordinances and Resolutions

  1. ORDINANCE 2016-03-CM 1st Reading - Health Fees
  2. ORDINANCE 2016-03-CM - Health Department Fees
  3. ORDINANCE 2016-04-CM - Partial Vacate of Public Way - Jason and Erica Scheumann - 1st and 2nd Readin
  4. ORDINANCE 2016-05-CM - Body Art Permit Fees Amending County Code
  5. ORDINANCE 2016-06-CM - Z-2639 Lahrman - A to R1
  6. ORDINANCE 2016-07-CM - 1st Reading -Vacate a Portion of Swisher Rd - Prophetstown State Park
  7. ORDINANCE 2016-08-CM Amending County Code
  8. ORDINANCE 2016-10-CM - Vacate an Easement Winding Creek and Connors Manor
  9. ORDINANCE 2016-11-CM - Z2649 Robert J and Alice M Adams (AW to R1)
  10. ORDINANCE 2016-12-CM - Z2656 Melvin and Marilyn Miller (GB to R1)
  11. ORDINANCE 2016-13-CM - Z2657 Donnie G Layton (I3 to A)
  12. ORDINANCE 2016-14-CM - Z2658 Tippecanoe Development LLC (GB to R3)
  13. ORDINANCE 2016-15-CL - Sheriffs Sale Fee Schedule - Amending County Code
  14. RESOLUTION 2016-01-CM - Department Head Appointments
  15. RESOLUTION 2016-02-CM - Commissioners Appointments to Boards, Council and Other Commissions
  16. RESOLUTION 2016-03-CM - Modifying EDIT Capital Improvement Plan
  17. RESOLUTION 2016-04-CM - Amending TC Cumulative Capital Tax Improvement Plan
  18. RESOLUTION 2016-05-CM Hoosier Heartland Corridor Strategic Economic Development Plan
  19. RESOLUTION 2016-06-CL - Approving Sheriff Commissary Fund Expenditures
  20. RESOLUTION 2016-07-CL - Adoption of Amendment to EDIT Capital Improvement Plan
  21. RESOLUTION 2016-08-CL - Adoption of Amendment to EDIT Capital Improvement Plan (this was initially a
  22. RESOLUTION 2016-09-CM Assignment of Tax Sale Cert to the City
  23. RESOLUTION 2016-10-CM - Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan
  24. RESOLUTION 2016-12-CM - Drainage Board Reconstruction Financing Assistance Program
  25. RESOLUTION 2016-13-CM - Redristricting Reform
  26. RESOLUTION 2016-14-CM - Assignments of Tax Sale Certificates to the Town of Otterbein
  27. RESOLUTION 2016-15-CM Establishment of Major Bridge Fund and Tax Rate
  28. RESOLUTION 2016-15-CM Establishment of Major Bridge Fund and Tax Rate
  29. RESOLUTION 2016-16-CM - Hazard Warning Fund
  30. RESOLUTION 2016-17-CM - Approving App for Prop Tax Deductions for Wildcat Creek Partners
  31. RESOLUTION 2016-18-CL - Wildcat Creek Partners ERA Application
  32. RESOLUTION 2016-19-CM - Adopting Internal Control Stds and Procedures Developed by IN St Brd of Acct
  33. RESOLUTION 2016-20-CM - Establishing Major Bridge Fund and Tax Rate
  34. RESOLUTION 2016-22-CM - Courthouse Elevator Repair-Awarded to KONE
  35. ORDINANCE 2015-18-CL Appropriations and Tax Rate
  36. ORDINANCE 2015-21-CL - Fixing Compensation
  37. ORDINANCE 2015-22-CM - Z-2625 Karrie J. Olive
  38. ORDINANCE 2015-24-CM - APC Representation Membership
  39. ORDINANCE 2015-25-CM - Main Crop Street Vacate
  40. ORDINANCE 2015-26-CM - Partially Vacate Streets and Alleys - Poplar St, Main Crop St
  41. ORDINANCE 2015-27-CM - Identification Security Protection Fund