Property Tax Payments

Beacon Online Payment Option
Access Tippecanoe County property information and pay property taxes.

2016 Property Tax Deadlines
  • Spring Installment May 10, 2016
  • Fall Installment November 10, 2016
Tax bills are mailed once a year with both installments remittance slips included. Payments must be received or federally post-marked by the deadline to avoid penalties.

Return Envelopes
Enclosed with a tax bill are 2 return envelopes. If paying by mail, please use these envelopes. Do not use the envelopes sent with tax bills in previous years. We are now processing the mail in-house to save taxpayer dollars. Mail sent to the Indianapolis P.O. Box will be returned to you and not forwarded to us. Therefore, you are risking late penalties. Please discard any envelopes you have received from prior tax bill mailings.

Timely Payments
Payments are considered timely if:
  • Received in the Treasurer's office by closing on the deadline date.
  • Received in the Drop Box located downtown at 3rd Street and Columbia Street by midnight on the deadline date.
  • Federally Postmarked by Deadline
  • Address: Tippecanoe County Treasurer
    20 N 3rd Street
    Lafayette, IN 47901
  • Credit Card Payments-Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit cards may be used to make tax payments by Internet only-not via mail or walk-in. A service fee will be added by the tax service based on the total amount charged (Pay your property taxes online)
  • Tippecanoe County no longer offers the ACH (Automatic Debit of Account) program. Most financial institutions offer online-bill-pay to their members. If you are interested in paying your property taxes via an online-bill-pay, you will need to contact your financial institution to inquire if they offer this service