Each summer, taxpayers are sent a demand letter for payment of the delinquent taxes and penalties for the prior year. Tippecanoe County has chosen to contract with American Financial Credit Services (AFCS) to produce, mail, and collect the DEMAND NOTICES for the delinquent and personal property taxes and all associated penalties and collection fees.  Taxpayers are given 60 days to make payment after which time the treasurer certifies all delinquent and unpaid personal property taxes to the courts of Tippecanoe County and daily interest begins accumulating. Once certified, AFCS will also continue to collect the certified to court balances, interest and collection fees. Please direct inquiries regarding these collections to AFCS at 1-888-317-2327, ext 500.  

Payments may be mailed to:

AFCS, Inc.
10333 N. Meridian Street, Suite 270
Indianapolis, IN  46290

Payment may also be made online by going to: