Section Corners

The Land Ordinance of 1785, as adopted by the Continental Congress, signaled the commencement of the Rectangular Public Land Survey System as a means of dividing federally-owned land for transfer of ownership to the public. After the United States granted title to a parcel of land, jurisdiction over that land passed to the state. Where the lands were in private ownership, it became a function of county or local surveyors to restore lost corners and subdivide the sections. It is this system which the Tippecanoe County Surveyor's Office continues to perpetuate and maintain today.

Tippecanoe County Section Corner Map

Report Damaged Section Corners
This site is for reporting Damaged Section Corners. The information will be emailed directly to the Maintenance Division. Your complaint will then be directed to the appropriate personnel.

Making a Report
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Damaged Section Corner, LL-13 on June 25, 1992