Victim's Assistance Program

It is the responsibility of our office to defend the rights of crime victims. Our mission is to assist crime victims through the, often daunting maze, of the criminal justice system.
We will keep you informed of the status of your case, seek your input before disposition of the case, pursue restitution and assist you in locating and obtaining help from community resources and social service agencies.

If you have questions about any of the information provided or the services mentioned, don't hesitate to call the Victim Assistance Program.
  1. Criminal Justice Process

    Learn what happens from police report to sentencing.

  2. Guide to Court Proceedings

    As the victim or witness to a crime, your cooperation is essential in making the criminal justice system work.

  3. Offender Information

    View a list of online resources for offender information.

  4. Victim Impact Statement

    A Victim Impact Statement is your right to tell the court how the crime committed against you or your loved one has affected you.

  5. Victim Rights

    Victims have certain rights under Indiana Code 35-40-5.