Title IV-D Child Support Program

  1. Applying for Services

    Easily print and complete these documents so you can apply for services from our department.

  2. Facts & Frequently Asked Questions

    Custodial and non-custodial parents can find answers to frequently asked questions. We also compiled facts about the program including facts about court, custody, interstate cases, and tax intercepts.

  3. Changing Your Address

    There are different policies for custodial parents to change their address and non-custodial parents.

  4. How to Modify Your Child Support Order

    Certain conditions must be met before a court can modify your child support order.

  5. How to Pay Your Child Support

    All child support payments, except cash, must be made to the Indiana State Central Collections Unit.

  6. Information or Service Requests

    If you need any information from our office, please contact us by phone or in person during business hours. Yuo can also mail, email or fax requests to us.

  7. Title IV-D Program Forms & Links

    Download legal and request forms and view State of Indiana child support resources.

Attorney/Client Disclaimer
Our office represents only the State of Indiana in ensuring the support of children. Our office does not represent participants in the Title IV-D Program. Deputy prosecutors do not form attorney/client relationships with participants in the Title IV-D Program.

Information you provide to our office may be disclosed to other people or agencies.