Emergency Preparedness

Daily operational functions of the Emergency Preparedness Division are performed by a full-time Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, a part-time Assistant Emergency Preparedness Coordinator and a part-time Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator.

The Emergency Preparedness Division’s mission is to ensure the health and welfare of the entire community before, during and after public health or other all-hazards emergencies that present public health implications.

Important components to achieving the above mission include:
  • Emergency preparedness planning
  • Emergency response
  • Health and Medical Coalition
  • Tippecanoe County Medical Reserve Corps
  1. Community Preparedness

    Follow these tips from the Emergency Preparedness Division to be prepared for any emergency.

  2. Emergency Preparedness Planning

    The Tippecanoe County Health Department Emergency Preparedness Division engages in emergency preparedness planning and coordination with all divisions of the health department as well as external partnering organizations from the public sector (Local, District, State and Federal Levels), private sector and community sector.

  3. Emergency Response

    The Tippecanoe County Health Department is ready at all times to respond to both public health and other all-hazards emergencies with public health implications.

  4. External Links

    Find information to help prepare you for an emergency from other sources around the Internet.

  5. Health & Medical Coalition (ESF-8)

    The intent of the Health and Medical Coalition is to prioritize health and medical planning and improve coordination between all participating organizations.

  6. Information About All Hazards

    Learn about the kinds of hazards capable of causing an emergency situation in the county.

  7. Tippecanoe County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

    The Tippecanoe County Medical Reserve Corps is a unit in Indiana that has been formed to assist the public health community.

  8. Zika Virus