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  Policy for Unauthorized Placement of Private Signs within the Public Rights-of-Way




The Tippecanoe County Highway Department strives to build and maintain our roadway infrastructure such that the transporting of people, goods, and services is comfortable, efficient, and safe. We will continue to work to improve the transportation infrastructure for the citizens of Tippecanoe County.

The Tippecanoe County Highway Department is responsible for all roads, bridges, and roadway drainage systems within the unincorporated areas of Tippecanoe County, which are not state highways and which are not within the corporate limits of a city or town, or located in Union Township. However, the Highway Department is responsible for the roadway bridges within Union Township. Tippecanoe County has thirteen townships with over 871 miles of roadway, 209 bridges, and over 2,000 culverts to maintain. The department is responsible for maintaining the south and east county line roads.

Forms for Vacating a Road Right of Way/Public Way