Truancy Mediation

Goals of Truancy Mediation
The goals of the Truancy Mediation program are to promote improved school attendance, graduation from high school, and reduction in the number of delinquency and CHINS filings in Tippecanoe County by determining the reasons for the lack of attendance and providing education, intervention and accountability to the juveniles and their parents.

Truancy Mediation Process
The Truancy Mediation program receives referrals from all 34 public schools in Tippecanoe County (Lafayette School Corporation, Tippecanoe School Corporation and West Lafayette School Corporation) as well as some private entities. After the referral is received, Truancy Mediation staff reviews the referral to confirm the juvenile qualifies for the program. If the juvenile qualifies for the program, the referral is processed. An initial phone call is made or letter is sent to the parent/guardian requesting they schedule an intake appointment. If the parent/guardian fails to respond to the first letter, a second letter is sent out 5 business days later. Should the family fail to respond to that letter, the case is automatically forwarded to Child Protective Services and/or the Juvenile Probation Department. If the parent/guardian contact Truancy Mediation within the appropriate amount of time, an initial intake is scheduled.

Once the juvenile/family is placed on the program, their attendance is monitored for a minimum of 6 months. In addition to monitoring the juvenile's attendance, Truancy Mediation staff visit the juvenile every two weeks at school. The family is required to attend monthly office visits as well and comply with any extra services ordered through the Truancy Mediation contract (school case management, home based case management, Parent Education Class for Truants, weekly evaluations, anger management classes, individual counseling, etc.). If the juvenile/parent(s) are in compliance with the school's stated attendance policy and the Truancy Mediation requirements at the end of the 6 months, the juvenile will be successfully released from the program. Truancy Mediation staff have the ability to take a juvenile/family to Truancy Court as a last result prior to the formal court system.If the juvenile/parent fail to comply with the stated attendance policy and the Truancy Mediation program, all information is forwarded to Child Protective Services and/or the Juvenile Probation Department. At any point in time, the contract may be extended beyond 6 months.

There is a $10 fee per month for each juvenile who participates in the program.

Truancy Mediation Mission Statement
The mission of the Truancy Mediation program is to work collectively with Tippecanoe County juveniles who have been identified as having school attendance/truancy problems, their families, schools and the community to provide mediation that fosters positive change and compliance with attendance laws.