Replacement Certificate of Title

Need a Replacement Certificate of Title?
If you no longer have the Certificate of Title for a vehicle you own, there is a process that you can follow to obtain a judicial order to receive a replacement title.
  1. Download the "Petition to Issue a Replacement Certificate of Title (PDF)". This is a fillable .pdf form, so you may either fill it out on your computer and then print it or you may print out the blank form and complete it by hand.
  2. Make 2 copies of the petition.
  3. File the original "Petition to Issue a Replacement Certificate of Title" at the Clerk's Office on the 2nd floor of the Courthouse and 301 Main Street. You will need to bring cash for the filing fee. The fee is the same as a Small Claims action. An employee in the Clerk's office will issue a case number, file stamp the petition and give you a receipt for the filing fees.
  4. When you have the receipt, go to the Superior IV (4) staff office to set a hearing date.
  5. Then take a file marked copy of the petition to one of the local newspapers for publication. There will be a charge for this; you pay the newspaper directly. You may use either of these newspapers:
    Journal & Courier
    217 N 6th Street
    Lafayette, IN 47901
    Phone: 765-420-5367

    Lafayette Leader
    Suite 2F
    401 Main Street
    Lafayette, IN 47901
    Phone: 765-428-8123

  6. Return to Superior Court 4 on scheduled hearing date with Proof of Publication forms from the local newspaper.