Child Support

Child Support Payments

For information regarding recent payments, contact:
  • KIDS Hotline at 1-800-840-8757

For more information about how to pay child support, visit: this link

The Clerk's Office is responsible for the collection of child support payments ordered by the Tippecanoe County Courts.

"Starting Your Child Support Case"

 We must receive information on both parties to create a case in ISETS (Indiana Support Enforcement Tracking System) for child support. Once both parties complete and submit this form, that will provide all required information. 

Child support payment histories may be obtained by the parties in the Clerk's Office. There is a $1 per page fee for payment histories.

For questions or to request a payment history or address change, email

Keep Information Updated

It is critical that our office maintain accurate records to disburse money to the recipient promptly; please keep your current name and address updated when there are changes. At the beginning of the child support collections, we must obtain the social security number for the payor and recipient. Without this basic information, we may be unable to properly process payments.