Juvenile Division

Juvenile Probation Officers stationed at the courthouse are responsible for supervising youth who have been placed on formal probation supervision through the Juvenile Court. In addition to regular supervision, certain officers may also supervise youth as part of a specialty caseload such as sexually maladaptive youth, truants, expecting or teen parents, and those requiring a higher level of supervision through  ICAP (Intensive Comprehensive Action Program).
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Juvenile Record Expungement

This pertains to a juvenile record ONLY.   Arrest(s) and/or court action(s) that occurred over the age of 18 and NOT handled in Juvenile Court, or, by the Juvenile Probation Department, are not eligible for this process.  

Guidelines and procedure for applying for a juvenile record expungement

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Local Resources for families

If your child is exhibiting unruly behavior, the following documents have been provided as a resource and as general information.  Involving the police or criminalizing unruly behavior may have serious repercussions in the future.  It is highly recommended that community based services be utilized in an attempt to get unruly behavior corrected.