Personal Property

Indiana requires all businesses--large and small--to complete personal property tax returns. Personal Property can be described as anything tangible from the computers and scanners that you use in your small home-business office to the large machinery used to build or construct different items. However, this does not include intangible property (such as computer programs), inventory, or anything

that has a plate on it from the BMV (vehicles).

The appropriate forms can be downloaded online, or they can be obtained by stopping by our office.

Please note that it is the owner's responsibility to obtain and file the appropriate forms. If your business is closed, it is your responsibility to let us know (a note attached to or a letter in place of your filings will work just fine). Failure to let us know about such closures will still result in an accumulation of penalties for each year until we are notified.

If you need help or have any questions, feel free to email our personal property experts, call, or stop by our office on the Second Floor of the County Office Building.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about Personal Property, please see these fact sheets published by the DLGF:
If you have been selected to participate in a business Personal Property audit, please see our Personal Property Audit FAQ.

Important Dates to Remember

  • Personal Property Forms are due by May 15th.
  • If they are filed after this date and before June 15th, a Late penalty of $25 will be applied.
  • If they are after the Late deadline above, a 20% penalty will be applied along with a $25 late fee.
  • Amended returns (fixes to errors on original timely filings) may be filed until May 15th of the next year.
  • A $25 fee may also be applied if the forms are not in compliance with the state guidelines.
  • Personal property returns for a previous year that were filed on time may be amended until May 15 of the current year.

Download Forms

Need the forms? Download Personal Property Forms online.
Need directions on how to fill them out? Read instructions on how to fill out forms (PDF).

File Form 104 with either:
  • Form 102: Farmer's Tangible Personal Property Assessment Return
  • Form 103-Short: Filed for under $150,000 in Personal Property
  • Form 103-Long: Filed for more than $150,000 in Personal Property Note: Only one copy is needed.
If you are declaring the exemption for personal property with an acquisition cost of less than $20,000, you do not need to complete Form 104.  Fill out whichever Form 102, 103-Short, or 103-Long is appropriate and check the box at the top that denotes you are seeking the exemption.

Form 136: Application for Property Tax Exemption

Please note: You can file one return for businesses with several locations in the same taxing district.

If you don't know the taxing districts, use the GIS or Parcel and Sales Data search to find out. If you have questions, email or call us, 765-423-9255, between 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. weekdays.

Electronic Filing

In addition to filing your personal property forms either through the mail or directly at the Assessor's Office, you can also email your filings directly to the Tippecanoe County Assessor's Office at

Alternately, you can complete your forms and submit them electronically through the following links.  These links take you to a secure portal which automates signature processing and approval.

For Taxpayers filing directly (without the use of a CPA, etc):

Form 103 Short
Form 103 Long
Form 102
Form 102 and 104
Form 104

For Tax Preparers filing for others:

Form 103 Short
Form 103 Long
Form 102
Form 102 and 104
Form 104